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Cracked iPhone?
We do iPhone repairs the right way.

If you’ve got an uninsured cracked iPhone that you need repaired the right way, why drive out of the area or send it across the country to get it repaired? Smart Technology Team Solutions provides iPhone repairs right here in the Iowa Great Lakes area. And, best of all, we repair your iPhone the right way.

Convenient and local iPhone repairs.
Done the right way.

When it comes to iPhone repairs you have a choice: You can have your iPhone repaired the fast way or the right way. We do iPhone repairs the right way.

Quality Glass

Unlike some phone repair stores that use cheap replacement glass, we use higher quality glass. Sure, the higher quality glass costs a few bucks more, but your trusty iPhone deserves the best.

Quality Repair

Look, we can’t repair your iPhone in only 20 minutes, like some phone repair stores say they do. Instead, we’re methodical, and we take the time to do things right, like removing the old adhesive from your phone and replacing it with new adhesive. After all, a half-ass repair isn’t really a repair, is it?

Kick-Ass Service

At Smart Technology Team Solutions, it’s all about you and your convenience, not ours. That’s why we schedule your iPhone repair when it’s best for you, including the weekend. And, for more complex repairs, we usually have a loaner phone available for no extra charge.

Contacting Us is Really Easy

If you’ve got a broken iPhone and you want to get it repaired, it’s really easy to contact us to get a fast, no-obligation estimate and to schedule the repair.