Providing next-generation, smart technology products, support, and solutions to homes, businesses, and organizations in Estherville and the Iowa Great Lakes area.

Home Security Solutions

Enjoy peace-of-mind with our proven, top-of-the-line home surveillance and security products, and take advantage of our friendly and convenient installation, configuration, and training service.

Smart Technology Team Solutions: Doorbell Security
Doorbell Security

See who is at your door, even when you’re away from home. One of our most popular products!

Smart Technology Team Solutions: Interior Security
Interior Security

Monitor the inside of your house with portable cameras and sensors. Don’t forget to ask about panic buttons and easy-to-use controllers.

Smart Technology Team Solutions: Exterior Security
Exterior Security

Equip the outside of your house with portable cameras, floodlights, and motion detectors.

Home Network Solutions

Stay connected and safe from cybersecurity threats with our home wireless network solutions.

Smart Technology Team Solutions: Modem/Router

Save money by purchasing your own modem/router.

Smart Technology Team Solutions: WiFi Extender
WiFi Extender

Extend the coverage of your wireless signal throughout your house.

Smart Technology Team Solutions: Cybersecurirty

Protect yourself and your family from hackers, malware, and cyber-bullying.

Home Automation Solutions

Reap the convenience and benefits of home automation. And we’ll teach you how to use the technology.

Smart Technology Team Solutions:  Virtual Assistants
Virtual Assistants

Give simple voice commands to listen to music, control appliances, and more.

Smart Technology Team Solutions: Controllers

Control lights, appliances, security, and the temperature with the touch of a finger.

Smart Technology Team Solutions: Accessories

Monitor your home with smart accessories, such as freeze and flood sensors, thermostats, and lighting.

About Smart Technology Team Solutions

Smart Technology Team Solutions is a new business in Estherville, Iowa that is exclusively dedicated to providing and supporting the technology needs of rural residents, homes, businesses, and organizations.

Let us prove that you don’t need to spend your precious time driving to a “big city” to receive the technology products, support, and training you deserve.

Promise 1:
We “Listen Loudly”

First and foremost, we promise to listen to our customers so that we can identify and serve their true and actual expectations, which means that the expectations of our customers drive our
processes. Our “listen loudly” philosophy ensures that the solutions we offer properly align with, and rise to, the actual expectations of our customers.

Promise 2:
We are Responsive

We promise to be responsive, which means that we honor our commitments to our customers in a prompt and diligent manner. Accordingly, we arrive prepared and on-time for appointments, we promptly return telephone calls and messages, and we timely respond to email. Best of all, we don’t charge extra for our “super responsive” approach.

Promise 3:
We Follow Through

We promise to follow through with customers to ensure that our solutions rise to the expectations of our customers, which means that we consider the implementation of our solutions to signify the beginning, not the end, of our relationships with our customers. Indeed, our “fanatical follow through” mindset differentiates us from other businesses.

Contact Smart Technology Team Solutions

We offer three easy ways to contact us. And, no worries, we will never share or sell your information with anyone. Pinky promise!

  • Call us anytime at (888) 428-3215.
  • Email us anytime at hello@smarttechnologyteam.com.
  • Submit the short form below.